Established in 2012, Ireland’s Immigrant Investor Programme was introduced to drive inward investment and create business and employment opportunities in Ireland. In recent years, the Programme has begun to pick up pace with investors.

Italy’s Investor Visa enables applicants to receive residence of Italy in return for a qualifying investment.

Since 2010, Latvia has been issuing temporary residence permits to foreign investors, allowing them to reside in Latvia and travel visa-free across the Schengen Area.

Monaco is a glamourous principality on the French Riveria and is widely considered to be one of the wealthiest places in the world.

Known as the Golden Residence Permit Programme, Portugal’s Residence by Investment Programme has been operating since October 2012. It is the ideal solution for non-European citizens seeking the freedom to live and work in Portugal and travel across the Schengen Area.

Portugal’s mild climate, rich culture, exceptional cuisine and exquisite scenery have encouraged many high-net-worth individuals to make this wonderful Iberian nation their second home. It boasts several potentially lucrative avenues for investment, with opportunities rife in manufacturing, tourism, and green energy.

Singapore’s Global Investor Programme (GIP) grants permanent residence status to eligible investors who drive growth in the country’s economy. The GIP is aimed at high net-worth individuals and encourages successful businesspeople and entrepreneurs to invest in new or existing business ventures, a GIP-approved fund, or a new or existing Singapore-based family office. Singapore remains one of the world’s strongest economies and is a global hub for business and innovation. It is also one of the world’s most connected countries, strategically located along the world’s major trade, shipping, and aviation routes.

Spain’s Golden Visa Programme, provision for which was made in 2013, is one of the industry’s most popular residence by investment programmes.

Switzerland is a federal republic made up of 26 cantons and is one of the most attractive countries in the world for conducting business. Switzerland does not have a typical residence by investment programme. A non-EU/EFTA national who does not plan to undertake gainful activity in Switzerland can become a Swiss resident if a Swiss canton confirms a fiscal interest in that individual taking up residence.